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The COGAS®Al is a Test Unit for determining the amount of core gas and condensation emitted by sand cores under production conditions. The readings obtained for gas volume and condensation quantity provide information on the quality of the sand core and the sand mixture. The COGAS®Al is a Test Unit is suitable for all core systems and binders used in the aluminium foundry.

The Test Unit is designed to optimise the efficiency and convenience of the operator. Added safety is provided by the "two-hand requirement" for triggering each measurement. The 12,1" touch panel provides excellent graphic and visual representation of various temperature patterns as well as the development of gas during the decomposition of the sand core. Binder parameters can be stored in the system and can be selected directly. The working surface offers sufficient space for an efficient work-flow. Spare and wear parts can be stored in two large compartments, one of which is provided with a locking door.

Special features:

  • Operator safety through "two-hand" triggering
  • User-friendly handling
  • Storage compartments and shelf space provided
  • Good graphic representation through 12,1“ Touch panel
  • Calculation and specification of production parameters: quantity and type of binder, mixture quality, production stability, storage conditions, shot parameters
  • Testing of sand cores under actual conditions for process control
  • Adjustable lowering speed for sand core
  • Comparison of different binder systems possible
  • Total condensation quantity can be weighed and analysed
  • Transfer of test data (serial, company-internal network or mk USB stick) to PC Software provided
  • Capable of 100% calibration
  • CE conformity
  • Tested to DGUV-V3

The PC Software supplied with the unit permits:

  • Saving of measurements
  • Comparison of core sizes and weights
  • Analysis of different test curves:
  • - zooming to specific curve sections
    - display of cooling speed in form of first derivative
    - Analysis of different test curves:
  • Printable reports
  • Results exportable to MS Excel


12 month warranty within Germany.

6 month warranty within Europe and overseas.

Scope of delivery

  • 20 test tubes consisting of:
  • - silicone hose 50 cm
    - sample holder
    - condensation trap
    - gas-inlet tube
    - gas-outlet tube
  • 1 Crucible tong
  • 1 Filling tong
  • 1 Dross ladle
  • 1 Emptying vessel with insert
  • 1 kg Al test material
  • 1 PC Software

Technical data

Design: Mobile Test Unit of powder-coated hot-galvanised steel sheet with two storage compartments, two fixed and two guiding wheels with brake
Dimensions: L 1230 x B 600 x H 1400 mm
Weight: approx. 170 kg
Power connection: Power cable with plug, 230 V, 1400 W, 50-60 Hz, (115 V available on request)
Power consumption: 2400 W
Muffle furnace
Muffle furnace Ambient conditions: Temperature 20-50 °C
Compressed air: Max. input pressure 16 bar, oil and water-free air
Measurable gas quantity: max. 120 ml, reproducibility < 1 %
Condensation weight: in 1/100 g, reproducibility < 3 %
Melt temperature: max. 1.100 °C
OS: Windows CE 7.0
Display: 12,1" touch display, resolution 1280x800
Interfaces: 2x USB 2.0, 1 x Ethernet

Spare parts: