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Memory Box

The Memory Box makes it possible to save density index results directly at the test location.
The data can then be transferred to a computer later for analysis and filing.

Special features:

  • Sturdy and convenient storage medium
  • Storage of up to 500 density index results directly at workstation
  • Transfer and analysis of data by PC Software (included) later
  • Manual input of charge number and alloy type possible
  • Automatic recording of date, time, density index and all intermediate results
  • Dimensions L 180 x B 110 x H 60 mm, display 62 x 33 mm, illumination white
  • Alpha-numeric keyboard
  • Power supply via USB of computer, via Electronic Density Index
    Balance MK 22XX and MK 30XX or external power unit
  • Special holder provided with following devices: ALSP basic and ALSP plus

Where is the Memory Box used?

Scenario 1: Your foundry wishes to save all the density index results directly at the workstation. However, the computer required for data collection is located in the office for safety or security reasons. With the Memory Box it is no longer necessary to move back and forward between workstation and office i.e. greater efficiency through time-saving.

Scenario 2: The balance is located on the ALSP. Since there is no computer on hand, the results are not electronically available, i.e. increased risk of error where operating personnel have to record results manually.

Solution: In such cases, we recommend using the optional Memory Box. It enables up to 500 density index results as well as all intermediate results to be saved where it is connected directly to the balance on the ALSP. This saves time by cutting down distances. All the results are immediately available in electronic form and results do not have to be noted manually.