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Dross Test

If required, the Dross Test process can be added to all the vacuum density testing units (series 3VT and ALSP) as an optional extra. The density index process with its 80 mbar is extended by two additional vacuum stages for the Straube-Pfeiffer Test and the Dross Test. These two tests provide extra information for assessing the quality of the aluminium melt. The exterior and/or the interior of the sample are visually examined to determine their hydrogen and oxide content. The additional vacuum stages are selected by means of a toggle switch and are indicated by coloured LEDs.

30±1 mbar Straube–Pfeiffer Test

    Sample weight approx. 300g Al
    Central cut through sample
    Visual examination and assessment
    of sample interior for hydrogen and

Final (6±3 mbar) Dross Test

    Sample weight approx. 300g Al
    Visual examination and assessment
    of sample surface for oxide

Additional extension:

Dross Test R&D

  • in total 6 pressure steps:
    80/30/final mbar as well as 3 further pressure steps
    in the range of 140 – final mbar, can be freely selected by the customer
  • key switch for interlocking the pressure steps

Items supplied:

  • 1 Dross Test process as extension for vacuum density testing unit
  • 1 crucible-insert cylinder
  • 1 permanent sample crucible for approx. 250 - 300g Al
  • 1 Al spacer cylinder