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Dross Test

Dross Test

  • Additional process for visual assessment of Al samples
  • Pressure step 80 mbar
    (density index)
  • Pressure step 30 mbar
    (Straube–Pfeiffer test for the assessment of the sample interior regarding hydrogen pores and oxides)
  • Pressure step final 6±3 mbar
    (dross test to assess the sample surface regarding oxides and other impurities)
  • Available for all vacuum density testing units (3VT and ALSP series)

Additional extension:

Dross Test R&D

  • As Dross Test, but in total 6 pressure steps:
  • Pressure step 80/30/final mbar and
  • 3 additional pressure steps in the range 140 - final mbar
    (to be defined by the customer when placing the order)
  • Key switch for interlocking the pressure steps

Items supplied:

  • 1 Dross Test process as extension for vacuum density testing unit
  • 1 crucible-insert cylinder
  • 1 permanent sample crucible for approx. 250 - 300g Al
  • 1 Al spacer cylinder