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Mobile Test Unit ALSP highline combines two measuring procedures. The purity and thus the quality of the melt is determined by the density index measurements. The integrated Thermal Analysis TA 12.13 determines the grain refinement and modification to evaluate the mechanical properties of the casting. The goal of reducing rejects, thereby saving resources, is made possible by continuous melt monitoring using ALSP highline.

Information on individual processes:

The hardware and design of ALSP highline, incl. pre-heating chamber, allows the operator to take very accurate measurements while working comfortably. It has been designed for daily use in the harsh foundry environment. The balance stands on a raised, vibration-damped steel plate. A cooling water vessel for the density samples and a storage facility for the casting ladle supplied with the balance enable an efficient workflow. The thermo stand for Thermal Analysis is fixed on the robust aluminium work plate. The base of the unit offers two large storage compartments, one of which has a lockable door. Due to the smooth-running and heat-resistant castors, ALSP highline can be used flexibly at different stations or furnaces.

The associated MeltBoard PC software allows the tabular and graphic display of individual measurements and measurement series. The standardised comparability, evaluation and archiving of all measurement results are ensured, as is the use for internal and external reporting. The pre-configured standard report can be customised and extended with your own functionality.

Basis of integrated Thermal Analysis TA 12.13

The new hardware specially developed for Thermal Analysis TA 12.13 enables very accurate measurements and was designed for daily use in the rough foundry environment. Various laboratory and field tests of different Al alloys were microscopically evaluated by means of specially prepared polished sections and chemical treatment of the polished surfaces for grain boundary determination. The grain size was determined by measuring approx. 100 grains per section in two axes and then calculating the average value. The dimensionless grain refinement number is based on the grain size table of the American ASTM standard. Thus, the TA 12.13 anticipates the time-consuming procedure of a polished specimen preparatio and enables a standardised comparison of specimens.

Special features

  • Simple operation
  • Long lifespan due to sturdy design
  • Flexible use at different casting stations or furnaces
  • Process reliability through fully electronic control
    - Fully automatic control of vacuum to 80 mbar
    - Leakage indicator
    - Cycle counter
  • Crucible pre-heating chamber: greater accuracy of measurement
  • Exact calculation of density to four decimal places (0,0000 g/cm³)
  • Vessel for cooling density samples provided and shelf and storage space
  • Detailed display on a 12" touch screen
  • User authorisation via RFID chip
  • PoE - Power over Ethernet for the sensor stand
  • Precise measurement, high sampling rate and digital data transmission
  • Dynamic measuring frequencies between 10/40 Hz for memory optimisation
  • Automatic marking of relevant curve points
  • Reproducible calculation of grain refinement and modification
  • Calculation and display of the 1st and 2nd derivation
  • Grain size determination in accordance with the American standard ASTM E112-10
  • Automatic indication of potential faulty measurements
  • Ageing and breakage control of thermocouple
  • Automatic assignment of a batch number
  • Quality traffic light: visualisation of warning and blocking limits according to customer specifications; tolerance indication red/green
  • Storage of results in a relational database
  • Low costs per measurement due to permanent thermocouple
  • Interface / data transmission for spectral analysis results, on request
  • Firmware update via USB or network file transfer
  • Remote maintenance by mk possible via network or GSM modem

MeltBoard PC Software

  • Central database in the network for several TA stations
  • Overview of operating status of the connected TA station
  • Central administration of operation-specific limit values of the TA stations
  • Transfer of measurement results to a local database via USB stick possible
  • Extensive curve discussion
  • Clear presentation of all measured variables and results
  • Tabular listing and individual presentation of measurement results
  • Graphical overlay of two or more measurement curves for comparison
  • Individual analysis and evaluation of data through filter options, Excel database-supported
  • Storage of a customised reference curve for visual comparison
  • Basic statistics with trend diagram and histogram
  • Reporting in HTML format, as CSV file or PDF
  • Provision of quality assurance data for component certificate and traceability
  • Software update via data transfer
  • Remote maintenance possible by mk

Thermocouple, crucible and protection tube

The sensor stand was specially developed for the Thermal Analysis and contains a permanent thermocouple for direct measurement. The thermocouples comply
with class 1 (NiCr-Ni) and their deviations are tested by mk. These can be stored in the monitoring unit and therefore taken into account during test work.

The durable stainless-steel crucible has a capacity of 90 g for molten Al.

Protection tube
Thermal Analysis samples along with the embedded stainless-steel tube can be returned directly to the melt where they dissolve without leaving any troublesome
ceramic or sand residues.

Previous model to ALSP highline:


12 month warranty within Europe.

6 month warranty outside Europe.

  • 1 Ladle, 500 mm
  • 1 Crucible tong
  • 1 Flat nose pliers
  • 5 Crucibles
  • 1 Coating, 200 ml
  • 1 Insulation brick
  • 1 Thermocouple for TA stand, permanent, certified class 1, 1 x 300 x 350 mm NiCr-Ni
  • 1 Thermocouple protection tubes VA, packaging unit: 1000 tubes
  • 3 RFID Coins (1x administrator and 2x operator)
  • 1 Plastic set-up
  • 1 Water beaker
  • 1 Manual (standard in English)
  • 1 PC Software

Design: Mobile Test Unit of powder-coated hot galvanised steel sheet with two storage compartments, two fixed and two guiding wheels with brake
Dimensions: W 1.400 x H 700 x D 1.360 mm
Weight: approx. 150 kg
Power connection: Power cable with plug, 230 VAC, 1400 VA, 50-60 Hz, (115 VAC available on request)
Power consumption: 1400 VA
Vacuum pump: Oil-lubricated vacuum pump
Timer: Electric short-period timer (1-99 min. or endless = 00) integrated in display
Vacuum chamber upper part: Incl. safety inspection glass
Heater: Fixed temperature 200°C ± 10°C
OS: Linux measuring system, Windows PC software
Display: Display: 12" touch monitor, TFT LCD industrial version, GFG (glass-film-glass), resolution: 1024 x 768
Interfaces: 2x USB 3.0, 1x thermal input (stand TYPE K), network RJ45, XLR signal
Weighing range: 3.000 g
Resolution: 0,01 g
Stabilising time: 3 sec.
Ambient temperature: 10-50° C