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The Thermal Analysis TA 110 is a stationary tabletop device for monitoring the quality of AlSi melts with reference to grain refinement (GF) and modification (M).

The degree of grain refinement and modification is determined on the basis of the alloy constituents Mg, Fe and Cu with reference to the liquidus and solidus temperature. The above mentioned alloy constituents are stored in the test unit and are taken into account in calculating the degree of modification. Both the factors, GF and M provide an indication of the mechanical characteristics and properties which the finished casting may be expected to have.

The cooling curve of an aluminium melt sample in a durable stainless-steel mould is recorded by means of a permanent thermocouple and displayed visually in real time. The thermocouple (NiCr-Ni - class 1) is protected by a stainless-steel tube while the sample is solidifying. The fact that the testing components (crucible and thermocouple) can be re-used again and again allows the samples to be compared objectively with one another. The addition of TiB, Sr and Na also make it possible to influence the quality characteristics of the melt.

The Thermal Analysis TA 110, consisting of the monitoring unit and a stand, can be used for standard AlSi alloys with up to 13% Si as well as for the following special alloys: AlMg3, AlCu4Ti and AlZn5Mg.

  • Windows CE-based minicomputer with colour display for analysis of GF and M
  • Memory capacity for up to 2500 tests
  • Fixed settings for 10 freely selectable alloys with optional extension for 100 alloys
  • Operation of unit with multi-function switch or alternatively USB keyboard
  • Unit protected against unauthorised access by special mk USB stick
  • Saving of system parameters and alloy settings possible with mk USB stick
  • Data transfer to PC Software via serial interface, USB stick or company-internal network
  • Connection and data transfer from Density Index Balance MK 3000 possible via COM interface



Thermocouple, Crucible and Protection tube

The stand was specially developed for the Thermal Analysis and contains a permanent thermocouple for direct measurement. The thermocouples comply with class 1 (NiCr-Ni) and their deviations are tested by mk. These can be stored in the monitoring unit and therefore taken into account during test work.

The durable stainless-steel crucible developed for the Thermal Analysis test achieves virtually the same cooling speed as the Croning sand crucibles.

Protection tube:
Thermal Analysis samples along with the embedded stainless-steel tube can be returned directly to the melt where they dissolve without leaving any troublesome ceramic or sand residues.

Special features:

  • Long life-span through dust-proof housing without fan
  • User-friendly
  • Process reliability through fully electronic control and thermocouple-fracture monitoring
  • High measuring accuracy and low cost per test due to re-usability of components (crucible and thermocouple)
  • TA 110 parameters can be saved on the mk USB stick
  • Capable of 100% calibration
  • CE conformity
  • Tested to DGUV standard

The PC Software supplied permits the following operations:

  • Saving of measurements
  • Use of statistical process control (SPC)
  • Analysis and assessment of data by means of various filters for the density index and thermal analysis results
  • Analysis of individual cooling curves:
  • - zooming to specific curve sections
    - display of cooling speed in form of first derivative
    - graphic superimposition of two curves for comparison purposes
  • Use for statistical process control (SPC)
  • Use of various filters for finding specific curves
  • Printable reports
  • Results exportable to MS Excel


12 month warranty within Europe.

6 month warranty outside Europe.

Scope of delivery


  • 1 Flat nose pliers
  • 3 Crucibles
  • 1 Coating, 200 ml
  • 1 Insulation brick
  • 1 Thermocouple for TA stand, permanent, certified class 1, 1 x 300 x 5000 NiCr-Ni
  • 1 Thermocouple protection tubes VA, packaging unit: 1000 tubes
  • 2 mk USB sticks (parameter and admin. parameter)
  • 1 Power supply unit IP67 with plug
  • 1 PC Software

Technical data

Monitoring unit:

Design: Aluminium die-cast housing, wall-mounting possible
Dimensions: L 280 x B 180 x H 100 mm
OS: Windows CE
Display: 6,4" TFT, resolution 640*480
Interfaces: 2x COM serial D-SUB, 2x USB 2.0,
1x thermal input (stand, banana socket),
1x thermal input (bath, mini plug)
Weight: approx. 5 kg
Power connection: Power cable with transformer, 230 V, 50-60 Hz


Design: Sturdy stand of nickel-plated steel with movable sleeve to guide thermocouple,
1 crucible in measuring holder, 2 crucibles in test holder
Dimensions: L 250 x B 160 x H 350 mm
Weigh: approx. 9 kg