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About us

We are a medium-sized privately owned company established in
1984. We are located in the Westerwald region of Germany, about
100 km from Frankfurt and design and build a range of high quality
melt testing products for the foundry industry. Our products are the
result of expertise and experience acquired over many years of close
association with the aluminium industry. Besides manufacturing our
equipment, we also provide customer services such as
commissioning, maintenance, calibration of our test equipment
supported by our comprehensive spare parts inventory.
Our customers all over the world are served by us personally as well
as by a team of representatives operating worldwide.
The main stages in the development of our company were as follows:

1984: Establishment
1991: Change to a limited-liability company (GmbH)
2001: Managing Director Nicolas Knoche enters the company's service
2007: Construction of new production building
2016: Annexe to existing shop floor

Our vision is to become worldwide leader in the design and
manufacture of aluminium-melt testing technology and in service
to our customers.