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Maintenance and calibration


To ensure maximum accuracy of measurement and ensure a long life span, we advise you to have all test units maintained at least once per year or at least after every 8.000 tests (whichever is earlier).

Changing the vacuum oil and replacing the wear parts helps to protect the more expensive components such as the vacuum pump and prolong the life of the test unit. These operations are also important for reducing the risk of failure. Updating the software also eliminates error and enables to benefit from new features and developments.

All maintenance tests include generating a test report and the attachment of an adhesive label to the unit showing the date of the next scheduled maintenance.

The maintenance service includes the following operations:

  1. Provision of the necessary tools and measuring instruments
  2. Cleaning of exterior and interior of the unit
  3. Testing and adjustment of mechanically moving parts
  4. Repair of less extensive damage
  5. Calibration of unit (measuring devices in the unit are compared with a
    reference instrument and adjusted if necessary)
  6. Updating of mk software already installed

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